Monday, 30 July 2012

Awesome new bag

Some days you find treasure, some days treasure is thrust upon you. Either way it's great. 

My lovely friend Laura instagrammed a picture of this little bag, then let slip that it was less than £6. It was a beautiful moment. 

So I hopped on to eBay and BOOM, less than a week later it was here. I LOVE it. It's just big enough for a diary, purse and keys thus the perfect bag for basically every single day. 

It comes in a whole bunch of colours, so I strongly recommend you pop over and buy yourself one (for every occasion) - it'll be a hit. 

Summer shopping

 Yesterday we went out for a nice family day. As we were getting ready to set off it was a little over cast and breezy, so it wasn't as warm as it's been for the past week. 

Looking at the clouds I dressed in jeans, deck shoes and a preppy long sleeved top. All very suitable for a breezy, overcast day at the seaside. 

By the time we arrived an hour later it was H.O.T.

Hot hot hot. 

Hubby laughed as I swealtered, and very kindly dropped me off outside New Look as he went to park the car. What a gent!

Seventeen pounds later I had this little ensemble. A floor length purple maxi skirt, with pockets, which is AMAZING, swishy and comfortable and a little bit sexy. A peach top, woven, more than a tiny bit see through. 

I fell in love with a few other things, but had just £30 to spend so restrained myself and stuck to the rules. Then came home, logged on to their website and showed hubby all the things I'd fallen in love with. I may be receiving a delivery this week! 

So what do you think? Better than sunstroke anyway! Am I the only person who has had to buy a whole new outfit when out and about after being baffled by the good old British summer?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

DIY hair!

Being a bargain kind of a girl I saw a tweet linking to this article (apologies for the awful source) and though "I could do that"

So I did.

I did the cut then decided to cut it even shorter - ending up cutting around 10" of hair at the shortest point - then decided what I really needed was a fringe. And to be bright red again.

Ta daaaa - before and after!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Trousers, like a boy!

I don't often wear trousers, particularly not for work. I don't feel good in them and find it hard to find a pair that is long enough and high waisted enough to stop me looking like a flappy ankled love handle machine.

These linen trousers from Next (£11 in the sale - I broke my own rule!) are, so far, the only work trousers I will wear and I'm still not 100% happy.

The top is massively comfortable and I do feel good in it - aside from, as you can see below, it riding up a little as the day progresses and flashing strips of crinkled flesh to any poor passer by.

I wore my deck shoes - bottle green and £17 in TKMaxx - and a necklace my husband gave me (he got three for £10 from a market stall) and overall I felt ok, but not amazing. I'm not great at trousers!

Foray into floral

A charity shop dress, my favourite belt (peacocks) and the world's most excellent cardigan (TKMaxx) £5, £4 and £10. Beautiful bargains.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Good enough to eat!

I went to New Look to check their sale out - I showed you some highlights in my last post.

This is one of the two I bought - £10 - and a gorgeous ice cream sundae print that I just love.

I put it with my silver leopard print belt (charity shop) and the boots I got for my first date with my husband 4 1/2 years ago - I paid £45 for them but they still look great and are worn a LOT - technically they break the #whatyourocking rules but cost per wear is pretty low!

I also made the whole outfit ridiculous by adding in my leopard print coat and furry handbag, known by all as 'the badger'.