What IS what you rocking?

Last autumn I got a new job. I'd been working from home since I had my children and was a few years out of an office environment, and a good couple of stone heavier than my last full time role. 

I needed to get a whole new wardrobe of office friendly, smart clothes that looked professional but made me feel good - and I needed to do it all on a VERY tight budget. 

Initially I felt a little grumpy that I couldn't just go and buy lots of new things, because I didn't have the cash. Then I decided being grumpy wasn't going to help - and decided to make it a personal challenge instead.

So 'What You Rocking' was born. 

The deal is that no one item of clothing can cost me more than £10. No outfit is allowed to be more than £30. Shoes can cost up to £20 - but only because you need far less of them and I don't want to rot my feet. Coats can cost £30 because you only need a couple. 

Now I LOVE shopping for clothes - which I, being a couple of stone heavier than I want and considerably larger than last time I worked in an office, had grown to hate. 

I love the challenge, I love finding bargains, rummaging in sales, finding treasures in charity shops, rejigging things I find that I see potential in and surprising people by being able to tell them how little my outfit cost me. 

The dress I get the most compliments on is one my husband found for £2 in a sale at Asda. 

The comments I love the most are from people who tell me I have helped them to enjoy clothes again, and to feel good about themselves, when they join in finding bargains and treasures to rock. 

The growing circle of people around the world tweeting, blogging and instagramming with the #whatyourocking hashtag make me proud, happy and confident that I'm on to a good thing sharing my (incredibly vain) pictures every day. 

There are people out there who thought that they could never feel good about themselves again who have embraced What You Rocking, and who are strutting the streets looking and feeling fantastic. 

I love each and every photo and message I get from someone who has joined in - even more than I love finding a bargain that makes me feel a million dollars when I wear it to work. 

So don't hang around - rummage through some sale rails, accessorise yourself up and show the world - #WhatYOURocking!?

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